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Established in 1991, Om Creation Trust is built with a conviction to make the specially-abled financially independent by uplifting their skills and moulding them into individuals who have earned their rightful place in society. Our vision has grown into a full-fledged programme with over 100 success stories to tell over the last three decades.


We offer creative art as a therapeutic intervention to engage mentally challenged persons, based on and intertwined with India’s rich culture. This has proven to be a huge success, spreading the wings of our achievements all over the world. In the sphere of mental disability, doctors and health care specialists have recognised our teaching theory and learning method. With an excellent staff and unwavering support of our loved ones, we have successfully trained many mentally challenged adults, primarily women, in various fields of art such as tie-and-dye & block printing, ceramics, clay sculpture, paperwork, textiles and culinary skills.

Vocational Training:

Empowering disabilities in meaningful and holistic ways.


-Dr. Radhike Khanna- A Women of Substance

An educationist, philanthropist, and social worker Dr. Radhike Khanna is a woman of resilience and the pillar of Om Creations Trust. Her extensive research and innovative methodologies of teaching has not only changed the lives of the mentally challenged but also opened for them a gateway to success and happiness!


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