Vocational Training

Empowering disabilities in meaningful and holistic ways.

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program encompasses the creation of a rich and diverse mix of finely crafted lifestyle products. With the belief that engaging in art activities is healing and therapeutic, the Young Adults are allotted activities that strengthen their core expertise in the various visual art disciplines such as painting, embroidery, crochet, etc. 



 The Ceramics program is designed to equip Young Adults with the techniques, skills, and nuances to be on par with professional standards. During this program, they gain artistic brilliance and control over the medium to manifest their skills and passion. 


Hospitality & Catering

The Hospitality & Catering program imparts hands-on training in the area of Food & Beverages and also inculcates housekeeping skills. This program allows Young Adults to work with confidence within a professional set-up post their training.


Occupation-Oriented Training

The job-oriented program imparts hands-on training in Information Technology and office-related skills. This grooms them in self-expression, administrative skills, communication skills, banking, and social skills.