A movement to empower the deemed disable.

Om Creations Trust came into being when a few parents of some graduates from Sadhana School noticed that their child’s hard-earned skills were not being put to good use. By standing together, they managed to create a place where students could come together, share experiences and make something happen. With the help of Dr. Radhike Khanna it was possible to create an organization where young people with many varying skill sets could bring them all together and learn more as they moved towards making their dreams come true.


We started out from ShikharKunj, the residence of one of the founder trustees, with 4 young adults and a portfolio of 15 products. Emphasis on product design and investment in quality was stressed upon even then, and though it was a modest beginning, the beneficiaries were paid a stipend right from the start. All the products were made based on their skillset!


In 1996, we moved to a barrack at King George Memorial Compound, Mahalaxmi. We now have one day school in Mahalakshmi and residential in Karjat. It manages a portfolio of over 150 products in the arts section, and over 100 products in the catering section, and continues to exceed expectations with respect to growth in sales year on year.

For us, the journey of the last two decades has not just been about insurmountable hurdles. There have been many momentous milestones along the way.

Our values