In India, there are 20 million mentally challenged people, and it is past time for society to understand that they can be encouraged to be productive members of society rather than being shunned or abandoned to the mercy of unscrupulous elements.  To address the growing need and many other challenges, Om Creations Trust has begun a multi-functional space called Om Abode – a residential Social Innovation Institution complex that will hold workshops for all of its vocational activities. It is a learning space, a sustainable centre, and an ecosystem that will help specially challenged adults pave their path into mainstream society. Situated at Khandpe village, Karjat, on a scenic site overlooking hills and farmland, OM ABODE maintains a reasonable balance between green open spaces and thoughtfully designed built spaces.

We also have a 6 months foundation program and a 2-Year Advance Vocational Skill Program.

In this program we offer specialized training in the following areas:

The Visual Arts programme encompasses the creation of a rich and diverse mix of finely crafted lifestyle products. With the belief that engaging in art activities is healing and therapeutic, the Young Adults are allotted activities that strengthen their core expertise in the various visual art disciplines such as painting, embroidery, crochet, etc.

The Craft curriculum focuses on engaging and training students to create individually crafted decorative and utility items made out of fabric, paper, board, thread, jute, beads, and other materials. Underlined by a sense of purpose to work with orderliness and compassion, skills such as embroidery, sewing, crochet, knitting, paper-craft, tie-and-dye, fabric painting, among many others, are imparted and transformed into creative crafts.

The Ceramics program is designed to equip Young Adults with the techniques, skills, and nuances to be on par with professional standards. During this program, they gain artistic brilliance and control over the medium to manifest their skills and passion.

The Hospitality & Catering programme imparts hands-on training in the areas of Food & Beverages and also inculcates housekeeping skills. This programme allows Young Adults to work with confidence within a professional set-up post their training.

The job-oriented programme imparts hands-on training in information technology and office-related skills. This trains them in self-expression, administrative skills, communication skills, banking, and social skills.

During this programme, students will learn to work closely in nature under guided supervision to assist in the nurturing and sustaining of an agricultural space within the verdant environs of Om ABODE.

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