Neha Pradhan

Neha Pradhan has been with Om Creations Trust for 7 years, and she has turned out to be a confident girl! Due to her father’s job transfer, she went to several cities for schooling, including Mumbai and Hyderabad. Initially, it was difficult for her to cope with her studies; hence, her parents decided to take her to S.P.J. Sadhana School. But Dr. Radhike Khanna suggested to her parents that they should send Neha to Om Creations Trust (OCT), a centre known for uplifting mentally disabled people, to learn how to live more independently, take care of themselves, and obtain life skills that give them hope for the future. Today, she is a very enthusiastic, confident, and well-mannered person who has taken the initiative to help others afflicted by similar situations like hers. Her parents are very happy for her as she has acquired many skills and also earns a salary every month. Her journey from being under-confident to being affirmative and assertive has inspired many of us. Neha’s parents say, “My daughter has gained lots of confidence, and now she travels alone every day. She has become independent, caring, and self-reliant.”