Art is a reflection of human nature. All of our difficulties, feelings, questions, decisions, perceptions, love, hatred, life, and death are all part of it.

Our art sections at Om Creations Trust have grown to include a rich and diversified bouquet of skillfully handcrafted lifestyle products.

Beneficiaries are chosen based on our students’ special interests and abilities. Painting, clay modelling, needlework, crochet, packing, and other tasks are handled by our expertise.

A full-fledged ceramics studio, complete with an on-site kiln, has recently been added to the Arts department. We make ceramic artefacts like sculptures, wall hangings, and decorative pieces in addition to accessories like incense holders, soap dishes, vases, and other ceramic trinkets.

Om Expressions is another evolution that serves as a window for the artistic brilliance of young adults who want to show off their skillset and passion through the wonder of art.