Working with a psychologist, therapist, or counsellor in a therapeutic relationship allows mentally disabled people to explore their thoughts, feelings, and patterns of behaviour. It can also help them learn new coping skills and techniques to better manage daily stressors.

At Om creations Trust, we offer:

Training in Auditory Integration:

Auditory retraining is a hearing enhancement training process of sensory input anomalies. It works as a sensory therapy or hearing re-education for individuals with either hyper or hypo acute hearing. AIT is used to reduce sound hypersensitivity and to retain listening and processing skills to enhance speech/language development, learning, and social behaviour.

The primary goal of AIT is to normalize the receiving of auditory stimuli and assist in the remediation of auditory processing difficulties.

Brain Gym: 
Brain gym exercises are a set of basic practices that increase brain function. They positively enhance learning, memory, attention, academic achievement, and quality of life.

The key benefits of the brain gym exercises are as follows:

  • It makes you smarter and sharper.
  • It enhances your confidence level.
  • It boosts your self-esteem.
  • Revitalizes your natural healing mechanisms.
  • Restores health and harmony.
  • Improves eye-sight. • Increases creativity and communication skills.

Sensory Scotopic Syndrome:

Scotopic sensitivity syndrome can cause children and young people to have difficulties with reading and related activities. It can lead to reading-related disorders such as headache, delayed reading, low self-esteem, and more.

All of these therapies are trained under Dr. Radhike Khanna.