Soul Food

The Catering section at Om Creations is abuzz with a lively energy and the delightful; whiff of freshly made preparations: savoury, diet and baked snacks, pastries, brownies, cookies, tarts, cakes, chocolates, puffs, variety of breads, made to order meals, sauces, pickles, dips, sherbets and more.

The workplace has evolved in direct proportion to the growing demand for the delicious products from the Om Food basket. Starting out in kitchen with basic amenities, it is now fitted out with state-of-the-art equipment, and a separate space for cold storage.

To lend credibility to its operations, a food licence has been obtained from the Bombay Municipality and Bombay Fire Department. The kitchen is kept spotlessly clean and personal hygiene is maintained at all times. There is no compromise on the quality and freshness of the ingredients. And indeed, there are no shortcuts to getting the preparation right.

Trained staff, coordinators and volunteers are constantly innovating and experimenting to cater to a variety of preferences. One such innovation that started out in a small way, and which is now one of the mainstays of the Catering section is chocolates!

Encouraged by the tremendous response from corporate and individual buyers, Om Creation decided to go a step further and create a brand for its chocolates. In 2007, ‘Om Chocolates’ was launched with its unique logo and packaging options. Since then , Om Chocolates has achieved sweet success.

Om Creations Trust

Anand Niketan,
King George V Memorial,
Dr E Moses Road, Mahalaxmi
Mumbai - 400011