When was it set up ?

    Jun 1973.


How many students have passed out of     the courses ?
    Averagely 46 to 50 every year.


Is it a Charitable Organisation ?

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Relationship between Spj. Sadhana School and OM CREATIONs and whether same     Trustees ?

    Net working and facilitation on the Project of Training for Educational Rehabilitation     of Mentally Challenged Women (Differently-Abled) in the age group 20 years to 53     years; on completing the graduation from Spj Sadhana School, they are offered job     placement in OM CREATIONS work shop thus giving them self respect and dignity.


Does Spj Sadhana work with other NGOs like OM CREATIONS ?

    Shraddha Charitable Trust on same cause as that of with OM CREATIONS.


Stated Goals of Sadhana School :

    To train severely multiply handicapped Mentally Challenged to become productive
members of society.

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