Redefining the Capabilities of the Specially Abled

Om Creations Trust, formed in the year 1991, is a pioneering non-profit project started by a visionary special educator and parents of young mentally challenged girls.

Unlike most others, they were of the firm belief that through professional training and support, the inherent skills of those born with Down Syndrome and other related disabilities could be channelized in productive ways, thereby empowering them to lead as normal life as possible.

It was a challenging dream, an uphill task, and it took collective courage, spirit and determination to break mindsets.

Under the guidance and supervision of specialist teachers and volunteers, they are engaged in producing a range of high quality art as well as food products.

Their chosen activity works as sustained therapy and a means of earning a consistent livelihood in an environment sensitive to their special requirements.

Over the last two decades, Om Creations has widened its scope – from working with the mentally challenged to including those with multiple disabilities. It has evolved into a unique organization where the boundaries of a conventional organization for the challenged cease to exist.

Over time, it has carved a niche for itself – operating as a social enterprise rooted in the Indian ethos with a culture and value system that has the potential to transform individuals.

Om Creations Trust

Anand Niketan,
King George V Memorial,
Dr E Moses Road, Mahalaxmi
Mumbai - 400011