Integral Management Approach

In the course of its journey of two decades, Om Creations has carved a unique management practice of running an integral social enterprise. It is engaged in making products that are of superior quality, have a market value and provide therapeutic impact to the beneficiaries.

The day to day making of the diverse range of products in the Arts & Catering departments is a creative healing therapy for the beneficiaries. The dedication with which they work has been extremely enriching and fulfilling for the staff to observe and experience. Even though the staff receives moderate compensation, the positive attitude of the young adults and encouragement from the trustees works as a morale booster and inspires them to deliver their best.

Over the last decade, Om Creations has created an impressive brand in the market through sustained efforts including redesigning its logo, consistent branding on packaging , printing brochures and fliers for distribution at exhibitions, visibility through banners at special events etc.

Engaging the in-house team to initiate marketing and PR activities has gone a long way in spreading awareness. But at the end of the day, the quality of the products speak for themselves, resulting in positive ‘word-of-mouth’ that has been instrumental in ensuring repeat sales and building a loyal customer base. Om Creations is gradually moving towards greater reliance on sales rather than donations.

In the last few years, Om Creations has been through a process of restructuring. It has adopted a fluid, flexible approach to management that allows for people with diverse skill-sets to contribute fresh ideas on a regular basis. The pioneering integral management approach has paved the path to mainstreaming adults with special abilities.

Om Creations Trust

Anand Niketan,
King George V Memorial,
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