Hi Friends,

Welcome to Om Creations.
We are an organization that produces handicraft items and food products.
Our products compete with all the other brands with little actual marketing and whatever little word of mouth publicity we get. Our sales have been growing thanks to the quality of our produce and the continued patronage of concerned individuals and corporates.

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You might wonder what makes us special – what makes us different from any other craft house or bakery?
To answer that question, let me share a little about our workers, our producers.

All of our workers are exclusively women, though we do
    have men in support functions.

They come to work every day by 9.30. am and work till 5.00 pm on weekdays.
    Some commute by BEST buses while others who are lucky are dropped by
    their parents or relatives.

They work the whole day creating art and craft items that are sold across the     country. Some of our creations are also exported!

They get a small monthly stipend. Most of them live with their parents who
    take care of them.

They are capable of doing most things though they are not very good with money.

Their work contributes towards their upkeep and creates marketable products that     have utility and bring joy to many.

They are extremely loving people, they love people though they tend to be very     emotional.

Some of them work at preparing food products –
    cakes, cookies, biscuits, farsan and the like.

Pretty boring normal routine activity you’d say?

Expect for one small fact. Our workers are developmentally challenged. But then,
they are among the lucky few,
who got somebody to help them take the challenge and succeed! Come browse through our website, see our creations, shop a little, and if you are touched by the creations, speak to us about how you could contribute to help the creators.
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Welcome to our website.
Welcome to Om Creations.
Redefining the capabilities of developmentally challenged.